Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free?

This service is and will always be free however signing up is required in order to post your own maps.

How do I create my own map?

As the site is in beta, the map creation tools are still primitive however you can access them by creating an account then making a new map from your user panel.

How do I report maps that violate Terms of service?

A reporting feature has yet to be implemented onto the map pages themselves however the contact us page provides methods of contacting us. Since the site is currently being developed and maintained by a single person, any contact method will suffice.

I have an idea or suggestion for the site, who do I contact about it?

The contact us page provides methods of contact for any sort of enquiry. As the site is in beta there are many features that are in the works so suggestions may not be implemented for quite some time. With that said, all emails will be read and considered so you won't be wasting your time. If a sufficient number of people are requesting the same feature it may recieve higher priority for development. Keep in mind that one one person is currently working on this website so features are being developed one at a time and glitches/bugs take priority.

I have the expertise to aid the site, is there any way for me to get involved?

Contact us through email and we can discuss on an individual basis if/how you can work on the site.