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What is Resource Map Maker?

Resource map maker is designed to allow users to create their own resource maps for video games or personal projects. No programming knowledge is required to create a map as it is all done through a convenient user interface. Resource Map Maker gives you the tools required to choose a map image, create a list of markers with names and symbols and to place the markers anywhere on the map. Users viewing your map have the ability to toggle which markers they wish to see. What these markers mean and how they look are up to you as the creator and enable you to mark resources, points of interest, base locations, health packs or anything else that you wish to have on your map. It all comes down to the game and the locations you deem significant. In the future more tools will be developed such as individual node naming, grid overlays, coordinate outputs, marker groupings and the likes.

Make the map to your liking

Step 1:

Create a new project and set the image of your map.

Change Map Image

Step 2:

Add your own Icons

Adding map icons

Define regions

Adding map icons

Draw paths

Adding map icons

Step 3:

Share your map for others to see

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